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At the time of writing this article, it is June 15, 2021. Where to start when we think about this long period of crisis that we are going through. Or rather which one we come out of? I tend to think of it as a point of view… and sector. The objective is not to recall all the difficulties potentially experienced during this particular phase, but rather to express positive thoughts. Solutions (natural and scientific) are being put in place, and little by little, will allow us to resume our activities. The shops are reopening, the terraces are starting to welcome customers again and as they say, business is picking up!

Whether we take into account a private or professional context, being able to move around is essential; what everyone in an airport has in common is that in order to be there, they must be able to get there.

By taking up this context of a changing world and more precisely here, at the end of the crisis, I firmly believe that the best reaction we can have in the face of this change is adaptation. Who is tempted by a world in which, after having taken so many distances from each other, communication and receptivity have become obsolete? In all honesty, not me. This is why my colleagues and I are convinced that, whatever our sector of activity, empathy and professional involvement are essential elements for our development in today's society.

Starting from the principle that each request, each personality and each transport are always different, we have tried to develop the adaptability of our vehicles and our drivers in order to be able to cover as many of your requests as possible.

Various transport services

Customers who call us experience unforeseen events related to all kinds of events; effective communication is important so that we can react in time to help you. Our customers sometimes need to travel in groups to come back together from a wedding, ask us to provide a driver for the technical control of their vehicle, to make a return trip to Paris when they learn that their plane will be two days late, or even several mini-buses in order to be able to transport groups of people for a seminar. I don't remember once feeling like one week was like another. 

This is where our business and our services take on their full meaning, given that personal situations are often very different from each other. In some cases, such as those of people with reduced mobility, it is unfortunately difficult to get to the airport, hospital or restaurant without being transported in a fully adapted vehicle which allows a wheelchair to be fitted. secure way. This is the reason why Taxi Limo is in active collaboration with Mobilyteam, a transport company for people with reduced mobility, with spacious cars specializing in this type of transport.

If you need an involved driver for whom your safety and comfort is a priority, please contact us via the following information

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Article written by Taxi Limo
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