Some information on the term taxi

According to most dictionaries informing about the origin of a term, the word taxi comes from a phonetic modification (abbreviation) of the word “Taximeter”, a device allowing to measure both the time and the distance of a journey. in order to calculate the amount owed by the passenger (also called an hour meter).

Moreover, if one looks for information on the word “taxi” in the dictionary, one often finds there “abbreviation of taximeter”. By naming something with a term referring to another, often in an attempt to shorten it and evoke a more common concept, we have come to use the word “taxi” in a common way.

Generally speaking, this word is understood in the sense that it is available to the public for a fee, meaning that one must pay it in order to benefit from it. An idea that takes on its full meaning when we take into account its probable Latin origin; “Taxare”, or even Greek; “Taxis” (setting a tax).

A little history

The fact of making vehicles available to the public is a principle which is not new, since it appears since Antiquity. We can then wonder how the drivers proceeded at the time since hourly meters as we know them did not exist.

Somewhere, they already existed, in another form. The cart drivers used mechanisms releasing small balls at regular intervals of time. At the end of the journey, the passenger paid an amount calculated according to the number of balls released by the device.

It was much later that electronic taximeters were invented, making it possible, for example, to print receipts for the passenger, to check the route of a vehicle or to invoice an amount according to the time of day. The installed device works very well, but unfortunately the way it is used is not always very legal or fair to the passenger. Take the example of a traveler who finds himself in an unknown city. It is impossible for him to know whether the kilometers traveled are justified or not, which, through the ages, has led to all kinds of fraud on the part of taxi drivers equipped with a taximeter. In addition to this possibility, traffic in large cities is likely to increase the price charged considerably, sometimes going as far as tripling the base price, much to the passenger's surprise.

How does Taxi Limo work?

To prevent our customers from suffering the impact of three hours of traffic jams in the center of Brussels (for a usual trip of thirty minutes) on the amount of the trip, our Taxi Limousine company has decided to rely on a system of packages. In any case and before any race, you know exactly the amount you are going to pay at the point of arrival. We specify any supplement clearly on our home page, all our communication media or any request for information by e-mail or telephone.

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Our vision of Taxi Limousine

Starting this article by saying that we live in a constantly changing world sounds like a cliché. Having said that, it's (I think) pretty obvious and not always positive to me.

The number of human beings inhabiting this planet is increasing day by day, in a considerable way. Our industries must produce in quantity to supply the population and the abundance of demand generates a rather unpleasant phenomenon; industrialization. I reassure you, this is not the subject of this article but to develop the rest of my thoughts, I had to mention this scary term.

As we discuss in more detail in our article called “The Origin of the Taxi”, this profession is old and has had the opportunity to evolve over time. The vehicles first appear in the form of carts, equipped with a mechanism that calculates the journey time thanks to balls released at regular intervals. A way of proceeding similar to that of the London taxi (current) that we all know, equipped with a horokilometric meter allowing the taximan to bill the trip.

In addition to this starting system, various concepts have arrived on the market and have helped make the profession of taxi driver much more accessible to ordinary people. The purpose of this article is not to express our opinion on this kind of practice, since we are convinced that our philosophy is clearly highlighted through our service, our involvement and our passion for this profession.

When an individual decides to embark on the professional world and formalize the marketing of his services, he makes a choice on his way of operating and promoting his values according to the impression and the credibility he has. wants to clear.

Our adapted service

Taxi Limo has decided to completely break away from this (and practical) image of the taxi walking the streets in search of thumbs-up, with a luminous sign on the roof of his vehicle. We base our service on the comfort and well-being of our customers, since your loyalty is the very essence of our concept. Take the example of a hotel; How would you like to walk into your freshly booked room and feel like the previous guest has just left?

A metaphor that takes on meaning when our customers “live” in our vehicles for short or medium periods, depending on the route. Let's talk, among other things, of an international transport from Waterloo to Paris. The passenger ends up in a car for more than four hours, and this is not the longest route that Taxi Limo has had the opportunity to cover ...! This is why our vehicles are always refurbished after each trip, whether you will have a bottle of fresh water (they really are since our new S-Class has a mini-fridge in the rear armrest) or although our drivers are always present ten minutes in advance of any reservation.

It is preferable that a trip is pleasant, to be able to cool off or to communicate desires to a receptive driver and focused on the idea that, as our slogan says, your comfort is our destination.

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Transport solutions for a world in full renaissance

At the time of writing this article, it is June 15, 2021. Where to start when we think about this long period of crisis that we are going through. Or rather which one we come out of? I tend to think of it as a point of view… and sector. The objective is not to recall all the difficulties potentially experienced during this particular phase, but rather to express positive thoughts. Solutions (natural and scientific) are being put in place, and little by little, will allow us to resume our activities. The shops are reopening, the terraces are starting to welcome customers again and as they say, business is picking up!

Whether we take into account a private or professional context, being able to move around is essential; what everyone in an airport has in common is that in order to be there, they must be able to get there.

By taking up this context of a changing world and more precisely here, at the end of the crisis, I firmly believe that the best reaction we can have in the face of this change is adaptation. Who is tempted by a world in which, after having taken so many distances from each other, communication and receptivity have become obsolete? In all honesty, not me. This is why my colleagues and I are convinced that, whatever our sector of activity, empathy and professional involvement are essential elements for our development in today's society.

Starting from the principle that each request, each personality and each transport are always different, we have tried to develop the adaptability of our vehicles and our drivers in order to be able to cover as many of your requests as possible.

Various transport services

Customers who call us experience unforeseen events related to all kinds of events; effective communication is important so that we can react in time to help you. Our customers sometimes need to travel in groups to come back together from a wedding, ask us to provide a driver for the technical control of their vehicle, to make a return trip to Paris when they learn that their plane will be two days late, or even several mini-buses in order to be able to transport groups of people for a seminar. I don't remember once feeling like one week was like another. 

This is where our business and our services take on their full meaning, given that personal situations are often very different from each other. In some cases, such as those of people with reduced mobility, it is unfortunately difficult to get to the airport, hospital or restaurant without being transported in a fully adapted vehicle which allows a wheelchair to be fitted. secure way. This is the reason why Taxi Limo is in active collaboration with Mobilyteam, a transport company for people with reduced mobility, with spacious cars specializing in this type of transport.

If you need an involved driver for whom your safety and comfort is a priority, please contact us via the following information

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