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Starting this article by saying that we live in a constantly changing world sounds like a cliché. Having said that, it's (I think) pretty obvious and not always positive to me.

The number of human beings inhabiting this planet is increasing day by day, in a considerable way. Our industries must produce in quantity to supply the population and the abundance of demand generates a rather unpleasant phenomenon; industrialization. I reassure you, this is not the subject of this article but to develop the rest of my thoughts, I had to mention this scary term.

As we discuss in more detail in our article called “The Origin of the Taxi”, this profession is old and has had the opportunity to evolve over time. The vehicles first appear in the form of carts, equipped with a mechanism that calculates the journey time thanks to balls released at regular intervals. A way of proceeding similar to that of the London taxi (current) that we all know, equipped with a horokilometric meter allowing the taximan to bill the trip.

In addition to this starting system, various concepts have arrived on the market and have helped make the profession of taxi driver much more accessible to ordinary people. The purpose of this article is not to express our opinion on this kind of practice, since we are convinced that our philosophy is clearly highlighted through our service, our involvement and our passion for this profession.

When an individual decides to embark on the professional world and formalize the marketing of his services, he makes a choice on his way of operating and promoting his values according to the impression and the credibility he has. wants to clear.

Our adapted service

Taxi Limo has decided to completely break away from this (and practical) image of the taxi walking the streets in search of thumbs-up, with a luminous sign on the roof of his vehicle. We base our service on the comfort and well-being of our customers, since your loyalty is the very essence of our concept. Take the example of a hotel; How would you like to walk into your freshly booked room and feel like the previous guest has just left?

A metaphor that takes on meaning when our customers “live” in our vehicles for short or medium periods, depending on the route. Let's talk, among other things, of an international transport from Waterloo to Paris. The passenger ends up in a car for more than four hours, and this is not the longest route that Taxi Limo has had the opportunity to cover ...! This is why our vehicles are always refurbished after each trip, whether you will have a bottle of fresh water (they really are since our new S-Class has a mini-fridge in the rear armrest) or although our drivers are always present ten minutes in advance of any reservation.

It is preferable that a trip is pleasant, to be able to cool off or to communicate desires to a receptive driver and focused on the idea that, as our slogan says, your comfort is our destination.

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